The Vabulous Life

About Coach Elizabeth



I am a lover of food, music, travel, nutrition, and the arts! I grew up in a small town but soon found that I'm really a city girl who loves getting cultured & learning new things daily! My amazing husband is a fabulous cook and he is an amazing lyric tenor! We love to travel & cook together - along with taking our precious little dogs on walks. Our family is growing and soon we will have a precious baby girl in the mix! We're both Opera Singers who have learned through personal experience the importance of Healthy Living and love to share with others who are looking for a more vital & abundant life! 

So, What's so special about Elizabeth?

I'm a Performer - Musical Theater, Stage Play and Opera. I like to be active - swim, play tennis and go for walks. I love to cook and I am with my extended family every moment that I can be. I love to travel the states but especially Europe. Last but not least I was stuck in a rut for years with my health that got in the way of my career! Literally!

"Ilseng also shines in the role of Audrey, the sales clerk with a near-fatal case of low self-esteem. As Audrey, Ilseng has the difficult task of delivering pathos and laughs in equal parts as she sings a paean to a 1950s suburban dream, "Somewhere That's Green!" That she delivers on both counts is a testament of a fresh talent of which I hope Kerrville audiences get to see more."



Because I'm just like you! I'm a Performer, an Artist who's health wasn't put first, not because I didn't want that, but I didn't know how! I was overwhelmed by all the fad diets and quick fixes and just wanted to find out what was right for me! Eventually my health debilitated my performing career and kept me from being able to pursue the luxurious, rewarding and fulfilling career of performing! Let's be honest, just a few years ago, I was right where you are today. Overwhelmed, confused by all the articles and reports out there, not feeling well and I had no idea who to turn to and my accountability partners weren't holiding me accountable or following through. So what could I do, turn to my doctors who couldn't be all that I needed them to be. I was tired of being sick & tired and not knowing what was best for me! 


With Chronic Migraines, Headaches since childhood, weight gain, low energy, adrenal fatigue, cloudy mind, allergies & food sensitivities and just having gotten married... a transformation was desperately needed!


Thus... The VABULOUS Life was Born!




I'm here to support you towards your own unique goals & we will develop a program that fits YOU!


​Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. No one diet works for everyone. I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you.​ I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.​


Some of my teachers have been: Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine; Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University; Geneen Roth, bestselling author and expert on emotional eating; and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.


I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY, USA, where I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Walter Willett, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Alejandro Junger, Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Liz Lipski, Dr. Josh Axe, Donna Gates, and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Drawing on my background, training, skills, and life experiences, I support my clients at The Vabulous Life – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am not a medical doctor, dietician, or nutritionist. I do not hold a degree in medicine, dietetics, or nutrition.  I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions.