How wonderful would it be to regain all your energy? ​Imagine not sitting at your desk waiting

for the day's end. Imagine jumping up from a night sleep well rested. Imagine having more

stamina & energy for your performances.

Have you been bogged down by extra pounds or weight during the spring or summer?

Have you been eating too many of your best friend's cookies?

Are you sick of feeling tired, bloated, and blah?

Are you a performer in the Arts Industry?

Are you ready to feel amazing? ... then keep reading

Refresh, Renew, Restart

​Your Clean Eating Challenge 

* Exclusive Email Support and Website full of material to support you - for you to visit and use at your convenience during the challenge.

* Exclusive Facebook Forum - place to grab tips & tricks, new recipes and get support and be plugged in for your challenge.

* PLUS you get a BONUS 30-Minute Post-Detox Strategy Session with me when you sign up now!

With this Detox you will:

  - Reduce Inflammation - Become more Balanced - Lose Weight Naturally​ - Increase Your Energy and Stamina - Sleep Better - Boost Your Metabolism - Be a Healthier Performer

* Eating Clean Guide - a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way. 

​* Meals Snacks and Even Drinks– vegan, pure, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and wheat-free healthy, whole food program.

* Recipe Guide& Meal Planner – featuring recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied while eating clean.

* Daily Email Support – just like it sounds, I will email you daily to provide support & accountability.

* Coaching Calls - to help you know what's happening with your body so there are no surprises - be comfortable in you body!

* A Shopping List – makes shopping super easy, which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking for your detox easy.
"OMG, I cannot believe how much my life and health has changed in just the first few days of this program. I feel like a new woman! I have so much energy and I sleep like a baby at night!" - Anonymous
By the end of our time together, you will have:

The next group Challenge

 Starts on August 1st

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Detox does not have to be scary, nor does it have to mean deprivation. It’s a process of discover, of letting go of what is not working for you anymore, both physically and emotionally. Once you let go, you access freedom of both body and mind. And who doesn’t want that?

the solution is here and it's called

14 day Clean Eating Challenge

I created this detox program for 5 main reasons: 
1.  To debunk health myths around which foods are healthy and which foods are not, as this entirely depends on your unique body’s constitution.
2.  To provide essential detox support for maximum results for your peak performance.
3.  To share with you a proven approach for, including what works and what does not.
4.  To help you ditch the diet mentality and get clear on what works for YOU.
5.  To teach you the tools necessary to establish life-long changes to your health.

My Name is Elizabeth McDow and I am the Certified Holistic Health Coach 

that will be guiding you through this transformative program! 

I look forward to supporting you on this journey!!

Cheers to your Vabulous Life!

Elizabeth McDow

Often, we are eating foods that we think are “healthy”, but that are actually contributing to the toxic load. I have created a program that will teach you the blueprint for your healthy body. No more confusion, no more diet books, no more guessing at which foods are healthy and which foods are not. I will guide you step by step through a proven, 3 phase approach to detoxing your body. By the time you have completed your 30 day program, you will know foods fuel your unique body and which foods sabotage your health and keep you from peak performance! Once you remove the foods that are keeping you from success and decrease the overall toxicity in your body, you will achieve your weight-loss goals and feel 10 years younger, full of energy, stamina and vitality! How does that sound to you?
Did you know that the body carries around 5-10 pounds of toxicity (aka inflammation) that can lead to headaches, weight gain, and bloating? It’s true!
What’s included in this Challenge?

I love helping big-hearted, creative performers LIKE YOU get the life you've always wanted!  My health dictated my life for years and I knew it had to change! I had to give up singing and performing because my health got the best of me. I was so tired of being sick and tried.. I could barely get out of bed much less make it to work or perform! I was struggling to survive! After talking with multiple doctors visits , scans and x-rays my System Toxicity & Adrenal Fatigue were overwhelming me with chronic pain and fatigue. After detoxification and 17lbs lbs lighter– my energy level was sky-high, no more chronic migraines and my mood was so much more positive. I got off daily allergy and migraine medication and no longer was having head & stomach aches that were making life so hard as performer! No longer was I addicted to caffeine AND I got rid of excess toxins, boosted my immune system, began to sleep like a rock got my LIFE BACK! I don't know about you but living everyday like you're just trying to survive or get through it is miserable and I look forward to helping you get YOUR life back!

Your Investment in Yourself is for your Longterm Health

The Detox starts August 1st

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"It is the end of the detox phase, and I am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds! Thanks for your support, guidance, and the amazing meals that are helping me to lose weight so much more easily than all the other diets I’ve tried. I don’t feel deprived at all!" - C.B.

Are you ready to revitalize your body?

Are you ready to change the way you look and feel so you can perform your best?

-  Eliminated foods that are wreaking havoc on your body and creating unwanted bloat 
- Learned which foods fuel your body, as well as those that leave you feeling tired and foggy
- Reduced or alleviated gas and bloating
- Improved your digestion and started experiencing regular bowel movements
- Properly absorbed and assimilated your foods so that digestion and metabolism are at peak performance
- Eliminated sugar or coffee cravings that leave you feeling tired
- Reduced inflammation that leads to bloating, headaches, and poor digestion
- Learned tools to de-stress in the real world
- Started feeling grounded, alert, powerful, and ready to take on the world of eating clean in your everyday life
​- Jumpstarted and rebooted your metabolism
The Vabulous Life
The Results:
* Become more balanced and centered
* Feel recharged, renewed, and revitalized  
* Learn how to handle stress in your life   
* Leave old, unhealthy habits behind, and access the tools you need to eat healthy for a lifetime
* Look and feel younger than you have in years

                ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!